Preorder Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in R

You can now preorder Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in R: Statistical Programming for Data Science, Analysis, and Finance on Amazon.

I only just got through the technical reviews this week and it won’t be out until the autumn, but you can preorder it already.

I don’t actually write the book descriptions they put on Amazon, Apress does that, but this is what it says:

Learn how to write object-oriented programs in R and how to construct classes and class hierarchies in the three object-oriented systems available in R. This book gives an introduction to object-oriented programming in the R programming language and shows you how to use and apply R in an object-oriented manner. You will then be able to use this powerful programming style in your own statistical programming projects to write flexible and extendable software. After reading Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in R, you’ll come away with a practical project that you can reuse in your own analytics coding endeavors. You’ll then be able to visualize your data as objects that have state and then manipulate those objects with polymorphic or generic methods. Your projects will benefit from the high degree of flexibility provided by polymorphism, where the choice of concrete method to execute depends on the type of data being manipulated.
It is a short book, but it describes the different OO systems available in R, and while it doesn’t really show any really advanced use of objects and classes, as such, it does have examples of how to use object-orientation to write your own statistical models and it does have some advanced examples of using operator overloading to extend the language.

Meta-programming in R update

I sent the manuscript for Meta-programming in R to Apress a few days ago. Usually, there is a technical review and then I have to fix a few things before it goes into production. This time around, there were no changes required so it went directly to production. I am looking forward to seeing it in print. Because it is sold now, you cannot get it any longer on Amazon; you just have to wait.

Just sold Meta-programming in R

I just sold Meta-programming in R to Apress. This will then be the third book I publish with them. That is nice—I got the contract yesterday, at the same day as I got confirmation that my copies of Functional Programming in R are in the mail. I will pull down Meta-Programming from Amazon tonight after work, so if you want a copy, you should probably hurry up and get it.