Lots of Function Transformations

The last couple of days I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with a package for function rewriting: foolbox. I am doing some function transformations in both pmatch and tailr and they look very much alike, so I figured I should collect the shared functionality in a separate package. After that, I found a work-around for the need for function rewriting in pmatch, so it isn’t that necessary any longer, but playing around with foolbox has been fun and taught me a lot of tricks for metaprogramming that I hadn’t thought about before.

I have written documentation on foolbox’s homepage so I won’t repeat it here but refer you to

I am pretty sure that you can implement the function transformations with invariants and pre- and post-conditions. I also think that some static type checking should be possible (for a subset of functions, of course, R is way too dynamic a language to try to handle all cases).

I was thinking of making a release later this week or sometime next week and then return to working on pmatch and tailr. I might play around it a bit more first, though. In any case, I would love if anyone else would take it for a spin and help me debug it.

New R blog

For a while, I’ve been frustrated by the pains involved with showing R code on this blog. Compared to the simple Markdown syntax and the Markdown Pandoc pipeline I’ve used for my R books, displaying code here is really a drag.

Therefore, I have set up a blog dedicated to R programming on GitHub. That is where I will write about R—but if you want to get updated on the posts here, you can stay. I will link to new posts from here.

If you are only interested in R programming, and only listen to the other noise here to get to those good bits, you can just move over to the other blog and subscribe there.