Moving books to Kindle Select

I’m thinking of moving my books exclusively to Amazon and enrolling them in Kindle Select. I’m not really selling anything in iBooks, I haven’t sold anything at all on Gumroad, and while I do sell a bit on Leanpub, I don’t plan on putting future books there after they made the $99 + VAT fee for them. With Kindle Select, that requires exclusive sales on Amazon, I can make promotions and such, so it is a better choice, I think.

It does mean that I can only sell in the Kindle format—which annoys me a little since it doesn’t support math and doesn’t have the layout I can make with PDFs—but I can make paperbacks to compensate.

Anyway, if you want a PDF or EPUB version, get my books now, because later today I am moving them to Amazon exclusively.

Selling Functional Programming in R

I just got an offer for Functional Programming in R. I want to have a quick talk with he editor but I think I’ll sell it. That means it will soon go offline, like my data science book did, and won’t come up again until the new version is published. That will probably take some months, so if you want to read it, you should get it before I pull it down. Get it on Leanpubor Amazon (ebook or paperback).

admixturegraph: An R Package for Admixture Graph Manipulation and Fitting

K Leppälä, SV Nielsen, and T Mailund

Preprint at Bioinformatics

Admixture graphs generalise phylogenetic trees by allowing genetic lineages to merge as well as split. In this paper we present the R package admixturegraph containing tools for building and visualising admixture graphs, for fitting graph parameters to genetic data, for visualising goodness of fit, and for evaluating the relative goodness of fit between different graphs.