Antialias plotting in R using Cairo

In my recent post on spatial SQL queries, I included plots showing the results of my performace tests.  I wanted to show the results, and a graph is good for that, but I wasn’t completely happy with the graphics. Mainly because they lack antialiasing.

I plotted the graphs using R and refuse to believe that R can not do a better job at it.

So a bit of googling tells me that indeed R can.  If I use the Cairo package for plotting.

With the plain old plotting to png, using some random points for a plot:

I get a result like this:

Pretty ugly, right?

Well, installing Cairo and plotting

gives me this:

I was hoping for more of an improvement. It is a little better, but it still looks a bit ugly on the webpage.

The improvement when I look in an image viewer is great, but the rendering here isn’t improved much.

So I’m back to looking for ways to get better graphics on my blog…