06 Sep

Why did the upgrade eat my stats?

I just upgraded WordPress – mainly because of the recent security thread (although I usually keep it reasonably up to date it has been a few months since my last upgrade) – and upgraded the necessary plugins at the same time.

Upgrading the “stats” plugin, though, ate all my views statistics.  Right now, this looks like the most unpopular blog ever:

Blog statisticsOnly one hit ever!

Does anyone know if there is any way I can get this back, or should I just try to get a lot more new hits to compensate?


09 Jul

New blog

I just found out this morning that one of my students has started a blog.  Good for him, but the title (asand on the web) and the tagline (computer science, bioinformatics, mathematics and other good stuff…) sounds familiar somehow ;)

Of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I look forward to reading his blog.


08 Feb

This week in the blogs

It is Sunday, so it is time for me to list the blog posts I found interesting this week.

This week I’ve had a bit of a fight with creationism, so I’ve read some blog posts on that, but I am not going to dignify the discussion with linking to them here.

Instead it will just be the usual list of programming and bioinformatics links.







25 Jan

This week in the blogs

Well, everyone else seems to summarise the posts they found interesting during the week, so it is only fair that I get to as well.  Even with my new year resolution of posting on average a post per day, I cannot cover all the posts I find interesting, so it also gives me an opportunity to simply list a lot of links and perhaps group related posts so you have a chance of reading them together.

In this first installation, though, I’m going to go back a little further this month as well, though, since I collected a few interesting links there. Anyway, here goes:


  1. Sequences from first settlers reveal rapid evolution in Icelandic mtDNA pool (PLoS Genetics)
    1. Genetic variation in space & time – Iceland (Gene Expression)
    2. The genetic history of Iceland (Genetic Future)
    3. Ancient DNA analysis of the Icelandic settlers (Me!)
    4. Genetic drift eliminated rare mtDNA haplotypes from Iceland (John Hawks)
    5. mtDNA selection in Iceland? (John Hawks)
  2. Pervasive Hitchhiking at coding and regulatory sites in humans (PLoS Genetics)
    1. Humans have adapted on genome-wide level? (Gene Expression)
    2. How much selection is going on in humans? (Me!)
  3. A genome-wide genetic signature of Jewish ancestry perfectly separates individuals with and without full Jewish ancestry in a large random sample of European Americans (Genome Biology)
    1. How Ashkenazi Jewish are you? (Gene Expression)
    2. Another paper on Ashkenazi Jewish distinctiveness (Dienekes)

Sequences and alignments

  1. Phylogenetic inference under recombination using Bayesian stochastic topology selection (Bioinformatics)
    1. Phylogenetic inference under recombination using Bayesian stochastic topology selection (Me!)
  2. The experts agree (Finchtalk)


  1. Dynamic languages: Not just for scripting any more (CIO)
  2. Emacs 23 (emacs-fu)


  1. Making classes interactive: better learning or just more fun? (Discovering Biology in a Digital World)
  2. TeacherTube: YouTube for teachers (Discovering Biology in a Digital World)
  3. Students know what physicists believe, but they don’t agree: A study using the CLASS survey (Phys. Rev. ST Phys. Educ.)
    1. Students know what physicists belive, but they don’t agree (Uncertain Principles)

Peer reviewing

  1. How are the mighty fallen (Michael Nielsen)
  2. Three myths about scientific peer review (Michael Nielsen)