Trying out the Ulysses editor

For some reason iA Writer stays at ~50% CPU on my laptop, draining the battery and heating up the entire house, so I went looking for another editor to play with.

I have been looking at Ulysses for a while and found it a bit pricy, but what the hell, if it is a great editor it is worth it. So I am trying it out, and I am writing this post on the iPad version. For some reason I had trouble connecting with WordPress from the laptop.

Actually I can not connect to on either version of the app but I can connect to my own server on both. There is just a timeout when I try to publish from the laptop. I will look into that later.

I am pretty happy with it so far. There is a nice distraction free mode, reasonable word count and other statistics, and the way text is organized as sheets you can move around, although something you need to get used to, is pretty neat.

My only main concern is that you only have all the features if your files are imported into the application. You can edit plain Markdown files but you only get a limited number of the features then. Which means that it is better to import but for my writing that destroys the workflow I have with knitr and Pandoc. I have to remember to export explicitly before I can compile a document.

Now Ulysses actually have some nice style sheets for exporting so I guess it isn’t a problem for most, but I do need to run my documents through knitr for evaluating R code so I can’t work exclusively with Ulysses. I will see how it goes during the next week where I will try to do my writing in Ulysses.

I haven’t tested things like cross reference and citations yet so I don’t knowi what f it can do that. Otherwise I definitely need the Pandoc workflow and then it is annoying if it is necessary to explicitly export.

We will see how I like it after a week, I guess.

Why did the upgrade eat my stats?

I just upgraded WordPress – mainly because of the recent security thread (although I usually keep it reasonably up to date it has been a few months since my last upgrade) – and upgraded the necessary plugins at the same time.

Upgrading the “stats” plugin, though, ate all my views statistics.  Right now, this looks like the most unpopular blog ever:

Blog statisticsOnly one hit ever!

Does anyone know if there is any way I can get this back, or should I just try to get a lot more new hits to compensate?


New blog

I just found out this morning that one of my students has started a blog.  Good for him, but the title (asand on the web) and the tagline (computer science, bioinformatics, mathematics and other good stuff…) sounds familiar somehow ;)

Of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I look forward to reading his blog.


This week in the blogs

It is Sunday, so it is time for me to list the blog posts I found interesting this week.

This week I’ve had a bit of a fight with creationism, so I’ve read some blog posts on that, but I am not going to dignify the discussion with linking to them here.

Instead it will just be the usual list of programming and bioinformatics links.