Update on Domain-Specific Languages in R

I’ve managed to get a lot written on my book on domain-specific languages in R over the last two weeks. I’ve been working on this book, rather than my book on hash tables because I got an email from Apress at the beginning of January asking if I had new books for them. Well, yes, I have this book on domain-specific languages; I just haven’t written it yet.

Well, now I have written most of it. I have all the theory I want in it, I think, and just want a few more interesting examples in the last chapters. I haven’t implemented those yet, though, so I need to do a bit of coding before I can write more. I look forward to that—hacking new languages is always fun.

After that, I’ve been asked to write a book about machine learning. I have to think a bit about what I can contribute to that topic. There are plenty of books about how to apply machine learning techniques in R, but I don’t know how much has been written about implementing algorithms. Or at least written about efficient implementations. There are plenty of blog posts and such, but I haven’t seen it in any of the R books I have.