Update on Functional Data Structures in R

I’ve gone through the entire manuscript of Functional Data Structures in R now and edited it.

There is definitely still some work to be done, but for now I need to put it aside for a few weeks. I’m hoping to get some feedback on it from some algorithmic people and then make a final version I can send to Apress if they decide to give me an offer.

In the mean time, I’ve started thinking about the next R book. I think I will write about embedded domain specific languages. I already have some ideas for what to include, but not yet enough for a full book, so some more thinking is required.

It will be a lot of meta-programming, but this time around I will base it on tidyeval instead of raw quotes and eval. Tidyeval, in the rlang package, provides a lot of great tools to design and implement domain specific languages, and it will be fun to play around with that.

If I can get my new combination of iA Writer and WordPress to play nice together, I will give you an example in a post very soon.

Author: Thomas Mailund

My name is Thomas Mailund and I am a research associate professor at the Bioinformatics Research Center, Uni Aarhus. Before this I did a postdoc at the Dept of Statistics, Uni Oxford, and got my PhD from the Dept of Computer Science, Uni Aarhus.

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