I might have sold Functional Data Structures in R already

I got an email last night from Apress. I had sent them a few chapters of Functional Data Structures in R back in spring, but back there we agreed to talk about it again in the autumn. Considering that they have published four of my books this year already, it makes sense not to publish more right now and start competing with myself.

Anyway, I got this mail with a suggestion for the back cover description and the message that the editor who wrote me, Steve Anglin, would try to get approval for sending an offer as early as next week.

Thing is, I am not actually done with the book yet. I have a complete draft, but I have only proofread a few chapters, and the way I write, I have lots of mistakes in a first draft. I write fast and I am not too careful with checking what I have written in the first iteration—it helps me get some writing done quickly and I know I will need to go through the text later to edit it anyway.

I will go through the remaining chapters over the coming week and get them proofread, but I also want to consider if there is more I should add to the book. I had plans to get some of my computer science friends to read it and make suggestions, but if I am selling it soon I don’t know if they will be willing to read it in a hurry. I am sure it would make the book better, though, so I will try.

If you are into data structures and willing to give it a quick read through, though, please let me know. I am not talking about proofreading or copy editing so much at this stage, but checking the data structures I describe are described correctly and that what I write is up to date with the literature, and of course make suggestions for more to add. If you are willing to, I will get you one of my free copies when the book is published in return.

If you are not up to giving the book a quick read through right now, but are interested in it, you might want to consider getting it now at Gumroad. I will update the book there once I’m done with proofreading and again if I add more material, but after the book is sold I will take it down. Right now the price at Gumroad is $1.99 (but you can pay more if you want). After I’m done with proofreading it will go up to $2.99. I spend the money on writing software and subscriptions—such as a subscription to Grammarly that helps me a lot with the proofreading—so I don’t charge a lot. Once the publisher needs his cut, though, the price goes up. My current published books are priced in the range $19-$35 (and my cut is around the same as when I sold them myself), so if you are happy with a PDF version, you should consider getting it now.

Of course, for programming books like this, you might prefer printed versions. I know I do. So I am very happy that this one looks like it will be published in proper print before long.