Update on Functional Data Structures in R

The manuscript for Functional Data Structures in R is coming along nicely. I’ve just finished the description of red-black search trees. Insertion there is simple, but deletion requires a bit more work.

I added some code for visualising trees and some experiments with runtime performance.

Now I want to go back through the previous chapters and update those with more experiments and visualisation, and also include some of the experiment code. I plan to do this before I return to the search tree chapter and write about splay trees.

Nice to see my books around

Rene Thomsen posted this picture on twitter with the text

@ThomasMailund we have a lot of your ‘Beginning Data Science in R’ books available for both current and future data scientists at Scio+

It is great to see that somebody buys them at least. And there’s more there than I ever had myself.

By now, I only have one copy left of the Data Science book and one copy of the Functional Programming book, but still plenty of Metaprogramming and Object-oriented programming.