New project: Functional Data Structures in R

Yesterday, I finished the first chapter of my next book project, Functional Data Structures in R. As the name indicates, it will be a book on how to implement data structures in R.

I really ought to be working on a different writing project—one on human genetics—but I got a little stuck there and need some time to think about it, and in the mean time I already know what I want to put in the first couple of chapters for this book. I have time to think about the other project in the weekend, so I will probably end up switching between the two projects over the next couple of months.

I expect it will take a little longer to finish this book than the earlier R books I’ve written, simply because there is more I need to figure out myself first. With the other books, I pretty much knew all the stuff I was writing about. When it comes to functional data structures I know some useful data structures, but there are many I have never implemented before, and certainly not implemented in R. So I need to first implement and experiment with the data structures before I can write about them. The data structures I implement will be available on GitHub at

I’m trying out Gumroad for selling this book while I write on it. After Leanpub started charging for books, I would be loosing money by putting a book up there. I could, of course, just wait with releasing the book until I am done and can put it on Amazon, but I would love to get comments while I write it—I am sure it improves the book—so Gumroad it it. You should be able to get it here. The starting price is $0.99 and I will increase it up to $2.99 (I think) as I add more chapters. If you get it early, you get it cheaper, and you will get all updates for free. I haven’t tried Gumroad before, so let me know if there are any issues, and my apologies if there are.

Anyway, let me know what you think.