More chapters for MP in R?

The reason I wrote an extra chapter for Object-oriented Programming in R was to make it longer before I sell it. Apress have shown interest in both that book and Meta-programming in R, and both are on the short side. Both are currently shorter than the Functional Programming in R book we just finished the proofs of, and that is only around 100 pages in their formatting.

Unfortunately, while I thought they would be interested in the object-oriented book first, they are more interested in the meta-programming book, so I need to add some stuff to that soon.

I’m just not entirely sure what extra topics I should cover. I think I have covered all the essentials in the current version. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. Otherwise, I will dream up an example of an embedded domain specific language and write a chapter on that.

Statistical models chapter in OOP in R

I just finished an additional chapter in Object-oriented Programming in R. I’m trying to make it just a little longer before I try to sell it to a publisher.

If you have bought it on Amazon it should be updated automatically. Well, if you bought the Kindle version; obviously, paperbacks are not updated automatically. Still, if you have bought the paperback you get the ebook for free, so you can still get it there. I am uploading a new paperback version as well right now, but wait a few days before ordering; I don’t know how fast the new file becomes the one they print.

In any case, since people have also bought the book on Leanpub, I don’t want to make this chapter exclusive to Amazon, although the book is signed up with Kindle Select, so everyone can just download it here.

Beginning Data Science is out

My Data Science book Beginning Data Science in R is now out and you can order it on Amazon or Apress. It looks like the ebook version is only available on Apress so far. I don’t know if it will also be available as a Kindle version on Amazon later.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and please leave reviews and recommendations on Amazon or Goodreads.