Might be selling Meta-programming in R

I’ve been informed that my Meta-programming in R book is being evaluated by the editorial team at Apress for publication. I’ve discussed selling it, and Object-oriented Programming in R with one of their editors, and I was told that they are interested in both, but would be interested in Meta-programming first.

Anyway, if they send me a contract next week, I have one month to remove it from Amazon. It is roughly the same length as Functional Programming in R so when it comes on sale from Apress I’m guessing the price will be roughly the same as well. So if you want to get it cheap, you probably want to get the version I have on Amazon now, before I take it down.

A word of warning, though, I have scheduled a Kindle Select “Countdown Sale” where it will be $0.99+VAT from April 7 and five days after that. I’ll stick to that schedule and remove it from Amazon right after that sale, so you can get it very cheap if you wait a week with getting it.

Of course, if you want it as a paperback, you can also get it from Amazon for $9.99+VAT while it is there. There won’t be a sale for the paperback—I can’t do that with Kindle Select—but it is still likely to be less than a half of what it will cost once it gets published by Apress.

New book: The Beginner’s Guide to Markdown and Pandoc

I’ve just finished editing a new book on the tools I use for my book writing.

It’s uploaded to Amazon but there is a review process so it is not available yet. It will be within the next 72 hours. I’ve enrolled it in Kindle Select so I can make a “Free book” promotion, which I will do as soon as I can. So expect it to be free for the first five days. After that, it goes to the minimal price I can give it while get 70% royalties, which is $2.99 + VAT.

The book gives a tutorial on writing in Markdown, including some extensions that Pandoc provides, and a tutorial on how to use Pandoc to format texts into different formats, including how to write templates where you can control the final layouts and formatting.

Writing Tools

I finished reading Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark yesterday. It is a pretty decent book on how to write and how to construct effective text. For the kind of writing I do, it isn’t terribly relevant; a lot of the tricks are more relevant for fiction writers or journalists, but there are some good tricks in there for how to construct impact-full sentences and paragraphs. There wasn’t so much I haven’t read before, but it was still an enjoyable read.

Installing pandoc-crossref

I’m writing on a tutorial on how to use Pandoc and Markdown to create documents. I am working on a section on cross referencing right now, but I’m not sure how people install the pandoc-crossref filter. I use brew on my Mac, and can install it from that. I know you can also install it using cabal from the Haskel platform. But how do people install it on other platforms?

If you have installed pandoc-crossref on Linux or Windows, I would love to hear how you did it.

Amazon search

Uhoo! I managed to figure out how to embed a search on Amazon for my books on my books page. It looks like this:

Cool, right?