Trying out Gumroad

I’ve put my books on Gumroad to see how that works.

Well, I’ve put the books that I haven’t sold or made exclusive to Kindle, so it is only plural for the smallest value of plural—I’ve put two books on Gumroad.

It is a little experiment to see how that works. Gumroad has many of the same features as Leanpub—I can sell books there, I can make the price up to the buyer—but they don’t charge me to put my books there. At Leanpub it is $99 + VAT per book—which for me is $124—and it doesn’t look like my books will earn that in the time between me putting up new books. My data science book did, Functional Programming just made it there, but Object-oriented Programming and Meta-programming are nowhere near.

Gumroad is not as focus on books as Leanpub, so there are some features I will miss—like having samples available, making it possible for people to regret their buy and return the product within 45 days, displaying the table of content—but those aren’t worth $124.

So if everything works out well, I will put new writing projects there. I won’t, of course, remove the books I already have on Leanpub, but for new books, I think it will be Gumroad.

I can’t as easily mark books as work in progress, but I will just use the book description to make that clear. They should still be updated every time I upload a new file, so the same features are there.

Anyway, I still need to finish Meta-programming in R before it becomes an issue, and that will take a few more weeks I think.