New submission system at PLoS

I’ve heard they were planning on moving to a new paper submission system at PLoS for a while, but now it seems to be finally happening, starting with PLoS ONE.

This is really good news.  The existing submission system at PLoS is really cumbersome. I seriously considered submitting elsewhere halfway through the submission of my latest paper just because of how annoyed I got with the web interface.  I know, that is a silly reason, and I did submit to PLoS Genetics and was happy with everything except the submission system.

I swore, though, that I wouldn’t go through that process again and wouldn’t submit to a PLoS journal unless I could get a co-author to do the actual submission. Now I have to try the new system to see how it is, and I already have a paper in mind…

God I hate spammers

I hate spammers.  I really, really hate spammers!  I think they should be shot on sight.  No trial, just instant execution.

I haven’t been around the blog for a while because of RSI, and while I’ve been away, Akismet seems to have let 20,000 spams through.  I usually get a few thousand spams a month, but I guess the spammers smelled blood once some of their comments came through, and within the last couple of weeks, yeah, I’ve been spammed twenty thousand times.

I’m really in the mood to track some of those spammers down and club them to death.

Especially since it is going to take me ages to get rid of the spam again.  I’ve tried to get Akismet to recheck all the comments, but I can only make it check the pending comments and those 20k spams are, for some reason, not checked.  So I have to delete them manually.

I can delete around 100 at a time, more than that and I get an error from WordPress.  And it is not exactly fast deleting 100 comments, so I am not looking forward to doing it 200 times.

I really, really, really hate spammers