First day of the workshop

It’s seven in the morning and I’m sitting in my hotel room having coffee.  I got up an hour ago, and now I only have decaf left in my room, so having more coffee seems a bit pointless…

Anyway, yesterday was the first day of the workshop, and I had great fun.  There were only three talks, the first a very interesting one by Graham Coop on competing selective sweeps, the second one was my own talk on the mathematical framework behind our CoalHMMs, and the last one by Mikkel Schierup on inference in CoalHMMs.  More interesting than the talks, though, were the discussions in the coffee breaks (there’s half an hour of coffee break between each talk, exactly for these discussions).  There’s a lot of interesting people here to talk to.

After the last talk there was a welcome reception, sorely lacking in alcohol but good for the discussions still.  When we got back to the hotel we (over?) compensated for the non-alcoholic reception in the hotel bar, so it all turned out ok in the end.

I’m still jet-lagged, so I hit the bed before 22:00 and woke up at six.  I guess I’m slowly adjusting now, ’cause that is later than the last two mornings.

In an hour we’re getting on the bus to campus where we will have breakfast and then have another exciting day at MBI. Until then, I’ll try to survive on decaf.  Why oh why do people drink that stuff?

Sunday in Ohio

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio, working on a talk.  I arrived here yesterday evening and I’m pretty jet lagged, but coffee and work is keeping me on my feet so far.

I’m attending a workshop the coming week that I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Tomorrow I have a talk there, on the mathematics behind our latest CoalHMM work, and that talk is what I’m trying to put together now.

Evolution in Health and Medicine

Hi readers.  Sorry I’ve been very slow in posting the last two months.  My RSI kicked in badly early January and I chose to limit my computer usage to the absolute minimum for a while.  That, combined with a lot of work on various projects means that I haven’t been able to blog since around Christmas…

It will probably be another few months before I’m up to speed again.  I still haven’t recovered fully, but at least it is getting better…

Anyway, enough excuses!  I’m posting now just to share this nice list of talks I got by email today: Evolution in Health and Medicine.

I like the talks there, at least, and I hope you will also.

Stay tuned.  While the posting is at a very low rate right now, I do plan to pick up the speed over the coming weeks…