Interview with Lars Bak and Kasper Verdich

There’s an interview with Lars Bak and Kasper Verdich (Lund), two of the seniour developers of V8 at Financial Times. Also picked up at Slashdot.

I used to work Kasper back in the days when I was working with Coloured Petri Nets.  Lars was working at Sun at the time and had an office on the same floor as us at the Dept. of Computer Science, AU.

We’ve all moved on to more exciting things now, but in all honesty their work for Google might be just a tad sexier than my genetics work. In the eyes of a computer scientist, at least…


Ah, that time of the year again…

…well, in Australia at least.

New work on lateral transfer shows that Darwin was wrong

A new study into the transfer of genetic material laterally, or across taxonomic divisions, has shown that evolution does not proceed as Darwin thought, and that in fact the present theory of evolution is entirely false. Instead, it transpires that lateral genetic transfer makes new species much more like Empedocles‘ “random monster” theory over 2000 years ago had predicted.

An exciting result from researches at the University of Münchhausen.


…the rest of us have to wait a few hours before our fun begins…

Last week in the blogs

Another week, another list of favorite blog posts…



Genome analysis

High performance computing




Challenges with Data Quality, Sharing, and Versioning in Next-Generation Sequencing

Great talk (and great slides, but unfortunately not particularly well synchronized):

Hat tip Byte Size Biology.


So much to do, so little time

I hate that I never have time to do all the things I want.

I just had a fun idea for a pop gen project (whether it is good or not, I don’t know and perhaps never will).

I have the data.  I have the software I need for the analysis (wrote it back in 2004-2005 but never managed to use it since the data set I was working on then was way too large).

What I don’t have is time to pursue this.

I’m completely swamped with projects well into autumn… I need some grad students to take some work off my hands, but I don’t have any funding I can use for it.  The grants I have are fixed to specific projects (projects, incidentally, that I don’t have much time for either because I’m busy with more interesting work that got started after I got the grants), and I have already hired as many as I can with the money I have.

Oh well, another piece of paper on the pile of potential, but never actualised, projects.