First day of the new teaching term…

Today is the first day of this years first teaching term.  We have four a year, of seven weeks, with exams in between.

This term I’m teaching two classes:

Both are classes optional classes for the students, and developed by me together with my co-lecturers (Christian N.S. Pedersen for string algorithms and Carsten Wiuf for systems biology).  That means we have a lot of freedom in how we run the class and what we cover.

String algorithms

String algorithms we have taught three times before, so I expect it to be very little work.  I have lecture notes and slides from earlier, and we don’t plan to make any major changes this year.  We cover the most basics in string algorithms, so even if the text book is getting a bit dated, we don’t have to change the class much.  The basics in string algorithms is essentially just suffix trees (which is the most important data structure to know in this field) and a few classical string search algorithms.

Next year we are thinking about having two string algorithms classes; the basic one and a second one covering more recent topics, e.g. genome assembly for next generation sequencing data.  That would be a bit more work, but I’m planning on running a journal club this year to read up on it.

Systems biology

Systems biology is more of a problem.  We have had the class once before, but didn’t particularly like how we ran it, so we need to come up with a new strategy for this year.  We are meeting this afternoon to discuss it.  The first lecture is on Friday.

The problem is that it is such a large field, so picking some “basic” topics is pretty hard.


Author: Thomas Mailund

My name is Thomas Mailund and I am a research associate professor at the Bioinformatics Research Center, Uni Aarhus. Before this I did a postdoc at the Dept of Statistics, Uni Oxford, and got my PhD from the Dept of Computer Science, Uni Aarhus.

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