Trying out Google Reader

Until now, I’ve used Evolution (on Linux) or Mail (on OSX) to read both mails and RSS feeds, but that means I’ve had to keep my list of RSS feeds synchronized on two machines, which is a bit of a drag.

Now that my Linux laptop is essentially a desktop machine (the battery is no longer working) I am planning on buying a new laptop, so I’ll have three machines where I’ll regularly read mails and RSS feeds.

Mails is not a problem — I don’t change mail servers regularly and I don’t add to the list of servers on a weekly basis — but the RSS feeds is.

So now I am considering switching to Google Reader.

Thanks Anders for the video.

So far, it looks like a fine reader to me, and with google gears it integrates nicely with Firefox.

I’m not getting the full benefit of it, ’cause I don’t get much benefit out of the “sharing” feature.  There’s only one in my friends list who uses Google Reader, so that’s not much fun.  I should get some more friends, I guess ;-)

My next project is figuring out FriendFeed…