I hate my laptop

Twice already this morning, my laptop has crashed on me.  Of course, it is because of the kludged setup I have with the power plug combined with the dead battery.

I find it increasingly hard not to hate technology.

Why did the laptop battery decide to die right now? When I’m halfway around the world and can do nothing to fix it?  Why couldn’t it have died a week ago or some time next week, where it would be easy to get another (or at least keep the power plug plugged in until I do)?

Oh well, at least now I finally have an excuse to go and buy a macbook when I get home.

In other news it is the morning before the first day of APBC 2009.

It starts out with tutorials, and I am looking forward to one by Mathew Stephens on imputation based association mapping.  I have a half-written post lying in my draft folder on that topic, but I never got around to finishing it.  Maybe after the tutorial today, I will.


Arriving in Beijing

We’ve just arrived at the hotel now, about 24 hours after we left Aarhus.  The trip here went pretty smooth — even though the first flight was number 666 — but finding the hotel is a different story.

Naturally, neither of us had thought to print out the address of the hotel.  I am proud to say that I did print out the hotel reservation, containing the hotel name but not the address.  I have a map of the area around the hotel on my laptop, so I figured it wouldn’t be much of a problem to get the address if the name was not enough.

The name was not enough, and it was much of a problem to get the address.

See, my laptop battery decided that it was time to move on to the after life, so I can now only use the machine when it is wired to the power grid. That is not much help in an airport.

Anyway, we got into a taxi armed only with the name of the hotel.  The driver didn’t speak a word of English and couldn’t read latin letters, so needless to say there were a few communication problems, but not something that could stop us.

After all, how hard can it be to find a hotel in Beijing, if you only know the name?

What saved us was that I could look up the address on the Net using my phone.  Showing the address to the driver didn’t work, ’cause he couldn’t read the letters, but Besenbacher did his best to pronounce it and we made it here at last.

We’ve decided to take a short break now. Have a shower.  Then head out to get lunch and register for the conference.

I’ve managed to boot the laptop, now that I’ve connected it to the power plug — well, sort of, ’cause I forgot my adapter, but I’ve kludged it and I have power.  So here I am blogging.

The hotel room is similar to all hotel rooms all over the world, but two things strikes me as out of the ordinary.  First, there is an ashtray in the room.  Does this mean that smoking is allowed?  There is a sign that asks me not to smoke in bed, but what about in the room?  I haven’t seen a hotel room where smoking was allowed ever before.

The second thing is even cooler.  There are complementary condoms left in the room.

You’ve gotta love this.

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