Virtual PSB 2009

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing is a great conference.  I’ve attended it twice, giving tutorials on association mapping, in 2005 and 2006.

Unfortunately, it is in Hawaii.

Unfortunately because it is pretty expensive for me to get there, not because of Hawaii :)

The 2009 is running this week, ending tomorrow, and I have followed it only as suggested by nsaunders. It is not quite the same thing, though.

Still, since the proceeding is online, you can follow it a bit.

Personally, I’ve just finished reading this paper:

TreeQA: Quantitative Genome Wide Association Mapping Using Local Perfect Phylogeny Trees
Feng Pan, Leonard Mcmillan, Fernando Pardo-Manuel De Villena, David Threadgill, and Wei Wang; Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 14:415-426(2009)

I also reviewed the paper when it was submitted, so I knew it already, but it was interesting to read it again. It is a Blossoc like approach, and similar in basics to a paper we have in Genetics:

Local Phylogeny Mapping of Quantitative Traits: Higher Accuracy and Better Ranking Than Single Marker Association in Genomewide Scans
Søren Besenbacher, Thomas Mailund and Mikkel H. Schierup

Genetics. Published Articles Ahead of Print: December 8, 2008, Copyright © 2008

I’ve downloaded a few more papers to read for tomorrow.

8-6 = 2

Author: Thomas Mailund

My name is Thomas Mailund and I am a research associate professor at the Bioinformatics Research Center, Uni Aarhus. Before this I did a postdoc at the Dept of Statistics, Uni Oxford, and got my PhD from the Dept of Computer Science, Uni Aarhus.

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