Mathematical modeling in systems biology

The next term is approaching, and this term I teach the course Mathematical Modeling in Systems Biology.

From the course description:

Biological systems such as cells, regulatory gene networks and protein interaction complexes cannot be understood from reflections on the individual components (genes, mRNA, proteins etc) alone, but must be understood through considerations involving all components at the same time. Naturally, that ̈places heavy demands on the way we perceive the system. Systems biology is concerned with modelling the dynamics of biological systems at a “systems level”, i.e. by considering the interactions of all the components of a system rather than the isolated properties of
the components. This course will present mathematical techniques for modelling dynamic systems in this context, with the main focus on stochastic modelling and computer simulation techniques for analysing dynamical systems.

After this course the participants will have insight into techniques for modelling the dynamics of biological systems, including the distinction between a system and its components, and how the performance of the system depends on more than the individual components alone. The method of work at the course will also train the participants to plan and complete projects and to present and communicate professional problems.

For the course homepage I’m using BiRC’s skeletonz system, ’cause I’m fed up with the university’s AULA system.